#2 May I come in?


(‘A Nightmare’ continues)

“Nightmare?” she asked. “Yup, more or less,” I answered.

“Oh, son…! Well, come downstairs, breakfast is ready,” she plodded to the door. “Hurry up!” said she when she was about to close the door. “Okay mom, coming.” I said, sitting up on my bed.

She went downstairs to the kitchen and started doing the dishes. Something broke there (maybe a glass), so mom got angry and started speaking to herself but loud enough to be heard, “here it goes. Don’t I have enough work to do that I got this too?” She continued, “look at my lazy boys, I have done all of my work and they haven’t got up yet.” “Hari… Hariii…” she was angry. “Coming, mom.” I got out of my bed. “What is Sumit doing? Is he still sleeping? Wake your brother up.” She huffed.

I left my room and went to my younger brother’s. “Sumit… Sumit… Sumit…” I knocked trice just like Sheldon Cooper does at the door of Penny (no one knows her maiden name) in the ‘The Big Bang Theory’, a TV series.

He came and opened the door. His eyebrows were furrowed with angry face, “what, Sheldon? I was having a good dream and you woke me up.” “Oh, Mr. Dreamer, mom asked me to wake you up. She is so angry today. Go downstairs quickly. Let her know that you are awake,” I warned him, “do you know what time it is?” As I asked him, I glanced at my watch. It was 7:16.

Shoot! I’m going to be late.

I furrowed my eyebrows and opened my mouth little like ‘owww’ in panic.

“What happened?” asked he while reading my face. “Shoot! I am going to be late.” I said what I was thinking then. “For your school?” asked he. “Yes,” I said. “Tell me, when do you reach at school on time?” He frowned at me. “Who knows?” I shrugged.

“Date? What is the date today?” I asked with a panicky voice. Sumit picked up a newspaper from his table and read, “May 15, 2017.” “Thank god,” I relaxed, “my math’s teacher asked us to come at seven thirty at school on 16th May. That’s why I thought I was late.” Usually, I would go to school at eight. “Don’t be calm. This is not today’s newspaper.” He said with mischievous face. “Obviously, how it could be? You have just woken up. How on earth the newspaper could be in your room? Even I  shouldn’t have asked you.”

I turned to downstairs and shoved my hand into my jeans’ pocket and pulled out my phone to confirm the date. It said “16 May, 2017.” I put it back in my pocket and rushed through downstairs. “I am going to be late. My math’s teacher won’t spare me.” I muttered. While running down, I hit accidentally the vase placed on the stool beside the end of stairs. It was wobbling and I got scared that it would fall down but it didn’t. I sighed.

I got ready and had breakfast as fast as I could. But it didn’t prove to be worthy for me as it took me ten minutes to present at school. “Hari, buy some groceries,” Mom asked me. “Mom, I’d better scoot. I am late for my school. Ask Sumit for it.” I set out for school.

After ten minutes, I reached the entrance of the school. The board of the school read: New Era Public School.

I entered. Passing through the hallway, I found my class, XII A. My math’s teacher was solving some of the problems on the blackboard. I tried to enter the classroom without letting him know, but he saw me when I took my step into the classroom. “May I come in, Sir?” I stepped back and stood there.



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