#4 The Wolverine

The Wolverine
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This is my very first entry in a personal journal or you can say that I first time bought a journal and genuinely tried to start a journal. I am not about to write about myself in this entry but it will be about someone else. Someone whom I just got a glimpse but that glimpse is unforgettable and irresistible. I don’t know much about her not even her name…

    “Harish.” called mom. I closed my journal without completing the very first entry and put it in the drawer of my study table.

    “Your friend has come.”


    “I don’t know his name but he has hair like that of a girl. He looks more like a girl than a boy.” I had come downstairs before she finished her sentence. Raghav who had long hair, was standing at the door with a weird and plastic smile.

     I had forgotten that we had to work on our school project together and I had invited him at my home to do that project.

    “Mom, don’t be so specific. I got it. This is Raghav, my classmate.”

    “Hello!” greeted Raghav.

    “How come do you think, this is a good haircut?” she put a question instead of greeting him. Raghav looked at me nervously. “I don’t know what’s wrong with this generation!” she remarked.

    “Mom, if you’re done, can we go?” I interrupted her otherwise she wouldn’t stop easily.

    “Go, where?!” 

    “In my room. We have some work to do.”

    “Come.” I gestured Raghav with my hand for upstairs. He didn’t utter a word and followed me.

    “Pass the bottle.” Raghav asked me. We were sitting on my bed. I extended my hand towards my study table where the bottle was placed on. When I held the bottle, it slipped and hit a Wolverine toy off the table. I grabbed the bottle and gave it to him. “Thanks.”

    The lying Wolverine on the floor gave me a feeling of déjà vu. Some kind of shadow wandered in my mind. It was not getting clear and this thing was bothering me because whenever I felt that something happened because of some reasons or something happened and that felt like déjà vu, they used to increase a feeling of unease in me.

    “Hey!” he snapped his finger. The sound distracted me from the Wolverine.

    “Yeah… Is it empty? I’ll bring another one.” I rose a bit from my bed, when he shook his head. I sat down.

    “Where were you lost, bro?” he picked up the Wolverine and put it back on the table. “Why were you staring at it?”

    “Nah… nothing.”

    “Forget it. Well, has Raman invited you at his birthday party?” he asked me. Raman was my classmate. Probably, his father was a rich person that’s why he was the richest student in the class.

    “Why? Did he invite you?” I questioned him. He put the lid on the bottle.

    “Yeah, he invited me today at school and he asked me for your number as you weren’t present today. Didn’t he call you?” he was shaking his phone.

    “I don’t know whether he called me, because my phone is out of action.”


    I shutdown my laptop and put it aside on the bed. “I think, it is time for us to call it a day.” I said to Raghav.

    “Why? We haven’t done much of our work.”

    “I don’t feel like doing this and you don’t need to worry about this project as we have to submit it on Monday and it is Tuesday today. We have enough time to finish this task.”

    “OK, Fine.” he got out of the bed, so did I. He folded the notebook and gave that to me. I put it on my table and again accidentally I hit the Wolverine off the table on the floor. And again I zeroed in on the Wolverine.



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    1. This part made me laugh!
      “How come do you think, this is a good haircut?” she put a question instead of greeting him. Raghav looked at me nervously. “I don’t know what’s wrong with this generation!” she remarked.

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