#5 An Invitation

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It used to be so tedious, so boring for me to present at school – in my classroom, attending teachers’ lectures, doing homeworks and redoing the same schedule of my school life.  There used to be no buzz of excitement, no thrill to going school. Passing the time at the temple of knowledge used to be hard when there were no friends of mine. But, since I had seen her – the new girl – in my class, my school became the excited place I had ever visited. It’s like I had found water in the desert.


“I hate taking leave from school.” I rasped.

I was on my way to school when Raghav spoke up behind me. “Since when?!” he swung his hand around my shoulder. I looked at him and asked, “what?”

“Since when have you begun to hate it – taking-leave-from-school?” he narrowed his eyebrows. “I never realised you like going school!”

“Yeah. . . it’s kinda boring being at home.” I said.

We both continued towards our temple of knowledge.

I was sitting on the desk with my elbows placed on the desk and both hands supporting my chin and cheeks. My feet were resting on the rung.


I was imagining her green eyes covered with glasses and her face chuckling at me, just then a pen marker hit me. “Mr. Genius,” I sat straight on my desk and saw Mr. A.K. Sharma staring at me, obviously with anger, “I wonder there is hardly anything that you don’t know about, so you are not bothering yourself to focus on what I am teaching here?” he frowned.

“Can you please come and solve this problem on the board as you don’t need me to teach you?” he asked me to solve the equation, I mean – really!

F U C K !

A boy appeared at our class door as I picked the marker up and forwarded to the board. He informed Mr. A.K. Sharma that the principal needed to meet him immediately. The boy and Mr. A.K. Sharma left the class.

In recess, I was going through the hallway to fill up my empty water bottle. There was Raman walking opposite direction of mine. He was too busy in typing to remove his eyes over his phone. Whilst typing he was smiling widely. For a second, he looked at me and we passed smiles. When he crossed me he called me out from behind me, I stopped and swung around.

“Hey! I was ringing you yesterday, but your phone was going switched off.” He said.

“My phone is not working.”

“Well. . . How are you doing?” he asked.

“Same ole’ same ole’” I said. 

“Good news! It won’t be the same ole’ this Friday.” He was so worked up. “There is a party at my home on the occasion of my birthday and you are invited, you’ll have to come, buddy.”

“I will.” I said.

“Know what? I have invited our whole class.” His blue eyes and his face were bright with excitement.

“Wonder if you’ve invited the new students of our class also?” I enquired.

“I told you buddy, the whole class, all of ’em. I assure you it’ll be a real fun.” 

“Yeah. . .I guess, it will be a fun at your birthday night.”

“You too have to come, girl.” He said to someone behind me. I turned to see which girl he was asking to come and saw Raghav coming towards us.


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